Le Formiche (the ants). Why?

Because we are a lot alike.
They find out rhythm even in chaos, they are collaborative, they are speedy yet meticulous

And this way, Le Formiche build confidence and great things.


We are Le Formiche communication studio.

A studio is an Italian type of partnership, a comfortable space to work and greet the clients.

A studio (from Latin studium meaning study, application) is from our point of view also a consistent, original and effective approach to communication methods and tools.
The studio is based in Marsciano, in the Umbria region in the Centre of Italy. The main feature of our territory is the presence of healthy small and medium-sized enterprises which resonate with a supportive and hard-working community.
As part of this territory, we see our work in balance between outstanding Italian craftsmanship and advanced know-how.
Our growth depends on attention to details and mindfulness: every project of ours is tailored, with mind and heart, for each customer.


Communicate, show and connect: in short our work.

We don’t manufacture goods to be weighted.
We produce contents to be exchanged to generate value, visibility and development.
Our products are images, words and good user experiences: they are made of crisp paper and light pixels.
Images and words are so powerful, you can use their influence to persuade, hide, demonstrate, hurt … give birth to a new life.


Web agencies, creative and graphic design agencies, companies, independent professionals and consultants, SMEs, NPOs, artists, tour operators, retailers, artisans, cooperative companies, factories, law firms, private practices.

We work to build long-lasting collaborations based on trust and efficient results.
Spoken languages are Italian, English, French, Russian.

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