Corporate communication: letterhead, commercial paper, envelope, business card, greeting card, small folder, notepad, balance sheet, social balance.

What’s a brand? It’s something more than a simple company logo or writing you use to distinguish your business from competitors. Your brand should represent in a nutshell your strengths, it should contain a concise and effective statement of who you are, it should be inspired by your dreams and your experience. It should be a powerful icon of your style.
We think that you already know how important is the brand you use to your business. It makes the difference, it’s a messenger of your values and an ambassador of your products and services among people.

Take care of your brand and get in touch with us. Your followers and end customers will keep in mind your products, services and brand thanks to Le Formiche. We are ready to design for you a distinctive, powerful, memorable logotype that you can use to drive your branding strategies. 

Are you looking for an effective, beautiful, recognisable brand design? Are you considering a restyling of your visual identity to push your business?

Get in touch and let us support you to build your brand or restyle your logotype. Contact us and have a look at our case studies. We have already created great visual identities for friends and clients of ours. Our professional services go further to improve your communication: custom-made copywriting, online promotion, social media advertising. Call us and boost your sales today.

Logo design: ask for a memorable symbol, communicate your value.

We are ready to build a custom-made logo for you. We are ready to develop for your all the elements listed below:

Design and visual

A logo generally contains graphic elements. Maybe they don’t have an exact meaning but they have the power to communicate a strong and long-lasting message in the mind of the people.
Let us create one of a kind logo for your audience. Create your logo in Italy.


Font design is magic and it’s possible to create amazing effects just using letters.
Let us create something special for you using the power or letters and alphabets!


No communication without appropriate colours. Colours are emotions, colours create links.
Here some examples: white could be a proper choice to suggest elegance, bright colours could be used to suggest strong feelings. Let’s use colors properly. Let us design your colour swatch.

Naming and payoff

Do you have a great business idea but you didn’t find yet a name? Do you like the option of an Italian sounding naming? Empower our copywriters to realize this task. They can’t wait to find out a successful name and payoff for your company, for your products and services. It will resonate with your customers and with you.