Commercial art


Italian graphic design for: magazine advertising, newspaper advertising, posters, leaflet, catalogue, price list, ppt and keynote presentation, slide, throwaway, flyer, placard, playbill, desk calendar, promotional gadget.

It is not so easy to stand out in a packed market where the people have little time to listen to your selling proposition. You want to draw the attention of your prospects and reach their hearts. Hard task in those days!

You need to be noticed by your potential clients and convince them to buy your incredible products and services. You need an effective approach to make customers fall in love with your product and service. Well then, there are actually some things you can do: buy ad spaces, distribute flyers during events or exhibitions, cover your city with posters, drive social media activities to build brand awareness and to engage with your customers.

As you may guess a good graphic design is an essential ingredient of your communication mix.
You need professional graphic designers to be different from the others and get your message across using a consistent combination of words and images, headlines and illustrations.
Compelling design, high quality content, emotional marketing ads and effective communication practices can help you to achieve sales and growth goals.  

If you want to improve your performances and amaze your clients with a new rock look, you should not hesitate to contact us. We are Le Formiche and we are at your disposal to build a tailor-made advertising campaign. Feel free to get in touch to have a look at our case studies. It’s free and you can personally check out how our friends and clients boosted their sales using a new visual approach

That’s not all we can do together. Le Formiche is able to support you to build a balanced communication mix and promote successful advertising campaigns: coherent visual identity and packaging, press office services, social media marketing campaigns, professional copywriting and SEO copywriting. We love working with practical people: smart prices and real results.
Let’s starts.

How can I achieve my goals with Le Formiche and make the most of my communication budget?

It’s all about questions. It’s all about this question. And the answer is you. Yes, you play an essential role in your advertising campaign because you know better than anybody else your audience and your clients. And of course you know better than anyone else the benefits and distinguishing features of products and services that people would recognize you by.
Then, it comes to us to create engaging storytelling with words and images that make you different from your competitors.
We start building your advertising campaigns from your passion, professional know how and experience. We learn everything about your best and unique qualities. We learn to look at you from the point of view of your customers. Then, we create for you a fresh and memorable graphic design that your customers will love.   

If your target is Italian market, if you want to reach the hearth of Italian customers you’d better call Le Formiche. We are in Marsciano, in the province of Perugia, and we can help you to build a strong brand and respectful reputation. Here’s your winning mix: graphic design, professional web development, web marketing tools, social marketing activities, digital pr, consistent SEO copywriting in Italian. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us and let’s build a powerful look for your products and services.
Get in touch, it’s free and custom-made only for you.