Online sales rose less than expected and you can’t understand why. Your products are cool, the quality of your service is very high, pricing is smart and convenient. So, why potential clients don’t visit your e-commerce? Why isn’t your site showing up on search engine pages? 

As you may guess, it’s time to update your web portal and bring it up on Google. Your ecommerce has to win the attention and trust of potential clients and turn them into customers  who love shopping your products and services, who love recommending you. 

We are Le Formiche web agency and we can help you starting your ideal e-commerce: get in touch with us, it’s free, and discover how to increase your sales. Call us to have a look to the e-commerce portfolio: you can find out the story of success of other businessmen like you.

Custom designed and developed e-commerce:
give your clients a new customer experience!

An e-commerce is a web platform where your clients can buy easily, quickly and safely.
It’s a website for shopping online and it allows a lot of people expressing interest in your products or services to learn more about your commercial offer. It’s a convenient, effective and safe shop in the internet.

Why do you need an e-commerce website for the Italian market? Even if you have widespread distribution channel and an advertising budget, an e-commerce is simply essential to reach new customers.  

Try to figure out how many people interested in your products and services you can reach in Italy, Europe, in the world. In the twinkling of an eye you have the possibility to turn them into customers. 

Our web agency Le Formiche has multi-year experience in creating dynamic, easy, complete and responsive ecommerce platforms: custom-made shopping platforms designed and developed on your specific needs and expectations.

Do you have a catalogue with hundreds of barcodes? Do you have niche products? Do you have a selected hand list? Do you want to implement pages in Italian and many other languages? Do you want an easy and efficient set of tools to manage the orders and the communication with the customers
Le Formiche can help and build your online selling platform: attainable, customer oriented, easy to find on search engines (SEO optimization).

Professional, safe and stable solutions to sell online.
E-commerce: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Drupal. Let’s check out the best platform for you.

We can build your e-commerce platform using WordPress or Prestashop: you get light and complete platforms that you can easily update. All platforms are SEO friendly to help the positioning on search engines. 

We can opt for Joomla or Drupal e-commerce solutions: ideal to give prominence to your products and services, easy to use and customizable according to your needs.

Do you prefer to update personally your ecommerce? No problem, you have all keys to work on the back office and update your website easily and quickly. We can’t wait to train you and give you some tips to trigger you business online.

Do you need help? Are you too busy to update your website? Don’t worry, we are by your side.
We are Le Formiche and we can manage and promote your e-commerce. We increase sales using online campaigns and social network advertising. You can become popular thanks to proper SEO optimization.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and start selling online with your new custom-made e-commerce.