Email marketing: tremendous work tool to keep a client’s business while increasing sales


Emailing is a marketing strategy that consists in using emails to inform customers, or a specific public, about new products, events, special sales and all the other relevant topics you can image for your business. Email marketing is rapid, cost-effective and focused

We are Le Formiche and we can help to get in touch with your public: consistent copywriting in Italian, professional design, responsive template, on time and on budget.
Smartphones and tablets drive an important part of online traffic and for this reason email marketing plays a main role among web marketing strategies. Potential customers and clients daily check out emails and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to send regularly interesting messages and encourage their loyalty. 

Our web agency Le Formiche is able to support you and plan for you an email marketing strategy.
The ideal mix should contain promotional messages in order to make more sales, informative newsletters in order to provide useful information about products or services and viral contents in order to inspire word of mouth.  

Get in touch with us now and subscribe our email marketing service. Have a look at our portfolio and feel free to ask for a customised email marketing plan. Let’s go through your goals and let’s build a long-lasting, rich dialogue with your clients. Let’s engage leads from the website. We can make a client a faithful customer or yours.

Newsletter for small business

Are you looking for a service to keep in touch with your supporters? We are Le Formiche and we can provide this tailor made service for you. We create and send for you effective and helpful newsletters in Italian.

Privacy and updated mailing list

It happens sometimes that a customer unsubscribe a newsletter and asks to delete all personal records to protect his or her privacy. Our services include also monitoring and refresh of your mailing lists. 

Email marketing reports and metric

Post-send reports, tracking and email marketing campaign metric give useful and valuable information that we can use to improve our performance and profitability.

Le Formiche are here to keep an eye on:

  • Newsletter or Email open rate: fundamental indicator to check out whether the campaign is effective or not.
    If the subject is challenging and compelling, the client-recipient would be more interested to learn more;
  • Newsletter or Email Click-through rate: CRT allows us to measure the reaction, maybe better interaction, of the customers-recipients.

Let’s achieve campaign after campaign your goals.
Before you plan your next email marketing campaign, contact us. It’s free.