Sample pack, gift wrapping, family pack, food package. Paper and carton, tetrapak, spray, sacks, plastic film, bottle and glass.

Here we are. You have a great product but you are not ready to launch it on the market because you haven’t a proper packaging yet. And you are wondering what kind of packaging might be helpful to succeed among your clients. Do you need glorious minimalistic design or something joyfully baroque? Is it recommended to explain everything on the packaging or maybe it is more advisable to trigger powerful emotions

High quality packaging consulting is important: to deliver to your customers beautiful graphic design, to select visual solutions on target, to opt for materials right with storage and  transportation, to be on budget.
High quality packaging consulting helps to boost sales with effective graphic solutions and communication strategies. Le Formiche has a multi-year experience in creating packagings for the Italian market:

  • Large-scale retail trade (pasta and dairy products)
  • Animal feed (courtyard animal and livestock)
  • Health (herbal preparation and dietary supplement)

Get in touch with us, it’s free! Let us listen to your ideas, know the ins and outs of your product, fall in love with your product, learn everything about your customers. Let us propose a packaging for your products. Have a look into our case studies and find out our strengths.

Tell your story by your packaging. People love stories full of passion and hard work

Your business deserves a professional packaging. Your products deserve a packaging pleasing to the eye and nice to the touch. You can use your packaging to communicate with your clients and to trigger their desire to buy.

You story is made of courage, passion and hard work. There are powerful words and images we can match to tell your story and build the confidence of your public. A professional and bespoke packaging is a key stage of your marketing strategy: it helps to communicate your qualities and values, it helps to be different from the others, to be popular.
Are you different from the competitors, aren’t you? So say it and show it with a packaging on target.

Le Formiche Comunicazione is able to design compelling and out of the ordinary packagings: your products will be recognisable, or in other words special!

Protect your product with charming and smart packs

With your packaging you can protect your product and communicate your extraordinary qualities with a graphic design pleasing to the eye and a nice to touch material. 

Le Formiche Comunicazione is respectful of environmental protection and law safety requirements. Contact us to learn more about our packaging service and meet our packaging experts for a free talk.
We will find your cost-effective packaging solution on target, on budget and on time.