Press office


The press goes in to support the launch of a new product, opening ceremony or sponsorship. The press office goes in every time you want to broadcast news.

Let’s check the list: place and time, facts, key players, company information. News release is done.

Is that one your idea of press release? Do you have publishers ready to publish it? Is your news interesting for the readers of newspapers?

If your answers are “yes”, “no”, “no”, get in touch with us. Le Formiche can help you to turn a fact into a news, to contact the editorial staff of local newspapers and to give the public something worth reading.

Take advantage of the power or local information.
Let us write your press release and broadcast your good news all over Umbria.

You don’t really need a corporate press office to take care of your public relations.
You need Le Formiche. Our staff can’t wait to interview you, to write news for you and to contact the editorial staff of local newspapers to see you hit the headlines. 

If you think you don’t have interesting news to publish, here we give you some some ideas: new partnerships, new products, fairs and exhibitions abroad, new important clients, change in organizational chart, events you promote or attend, awards.

You can consider our writers, who provide this service in cooperation with journalists, your external press office.
Moreover we provide you a complete press review of your articles and interviews also in the form of printed press book. Year after year you will be proud to go back, read again and celebrate the noteworthy achievements in your career. 

Commercial on local newspaper: advertising space and advertorial.
Let’s plan your cost-effective and smart media planning in Umbria.

Le Formiche can help you to build good relationships with local newspapers and to close cost-effective deals for your advertising spaces all over Umbria.
Get in touch with us to plan your media coverage and media strategy and nurture a rich dialogue with your public.

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