Start earning with social networks. Let’s plan your brilliant social media marketing campaigns.


You start a social marketing strategy when you open and properly update and breed a company page or profile on social networking platforms. Yes, properly we said.

That sounds very good. You have amazing products to sell, you offer outstanding services. What you have to do know is just let people know about your business and reach as many people as possible.   

Social media marketing could be very helpful to get in touch with new potential clients and increase the popularity of your business. Social networks could be a springboard for your success if you use them properly. Social networks should be handled with care because it is strikingly easy to mess up your achievements in terms of followers, likes and friends.
We are Le Formiche and we are here to protect your reputation on line and to plan cost-effective and brilliant social media marketing campaigns.

Learn more about your followers, nurture the relationship.
You are a leader in your business, aren’t you?

Did you know there is a big difference between a personal account and a company page? Nope?
Did you check out the best timetable to share your updates on Twitter? Nope? Do you already know how to find out new business opportunities connecting with other professionals on LinkedIn?

Oh, don’t mind because we love social marketing and we can take care on your behalf of social accounts and fan pages! Let us help you to boost your presence on social networks according to your personality and goals. You will get in touch with new supporters and have the chance to turn them into loyal and satisfied customers.

Find out what people are saying about your brand and products online.
Manage your online reputation and take care.

People talk. People love sharing stories and experiences. People love giving advice, even unsolicited and unwanted. Online conversations are there to remain and they are always available.
Everybody can read at every time current and past comments on you and on your business.

You don’t have social profiles, but people can go on talking about your company. You will miss the opportunity to say “thank you” for a positive comment and loosing the possibility to answer to negative ones. Is really that what you want? There is the risk to jeopardize all other investments of time and money in communication and advertising.

We are here to help you with custom-made online branding, to feed the relationship with your followers, to create spontaneous interactions with your supporters and to increase your brand awareness among potential clients. Get in touch with us now. We are Le Formiche.

Do you want to sell your products in Italy? Do you want to be in the Italian market and get in touch with end users in Italy? Do you want to socialize with Italians?

We can help you to build a social media strategy for the Italian market. We can help you to plan your advertising in Italy on social networks. Start selling in Italy with us!

Social networks are cost-effective and powerful to get in touch with new clients, with Italian end users. Here you find a list of social network that we can manage on your behalf:

  • Facebook: of course the most popular social network of the world and one of the best place to get in touch with new clients;
  • Twitter: a great texting platform to keep in touch with followers and launch new products, special sales, great news;
  • Youtube: the perfect platform to publish viral videos and launch trendy video advertising;
  • Pinterest: the ideal social network to pin and share cool pictures and inspiring things of everyday life;
  • Google+: social networking service from Mountain View. Google+ is a must to optimize SEO activities and website positioning efforts;
  • Linkedin: is a platform to develop business networking and find business opportunity.

If you want to learn more and have a look to some case histories of ours, feel free to contact us.
Our clients had improved their reputation, engagement and followers on social networks!
Get in touch, it’s free! Start improving your social media strategy faster than your competitors.