Web marketing


Optimization and search engine positioning, SEM search engine marketing, banner advertising campaigns, link building. What is web marketing for?

What is web marketing? Well then, if you think it is the digital version of the classic marketing activities, we recommend you to go on reading. You are about to find out a fresh and effective approach to marketing, your are about to discover how cool and funny is to involve customers and the power of network to gain popularity. All you need is support to post viral, interactive, exciting messages. Just the support of Le Formiche.

Are you ready to launch fruitful digital advertising campaigns?
How can you close more sales using web marketing?

Web marketing is a bundle of online activities with these leading goals:

  • increase exposure
  • become web aware
  • strengthen confidence
  • encourage leads
  • gain ground

Web marketing is a serious stuff. Don’t let people act as web marketers if they are not.
First of all you are going to miss targets and waste time. Second you have to batten down the hatches to protect your reputation. A bad website drives away potential clients, unsatisfactory user experience will convince decision makers to take their customs elsewhere. A couple of inappropriate posts and customers unfollow, unlike, unfriend. Damned annoying emails and clients will unsubscribe your newsletter.

So, what to do? We are going to find the solution together.

Get in touch with Le Formiche and tell us something about you: our marketers can draw up a plan to boost your business online.

But what are the specific activities that allow you to increase sales?
Web marketing tools and online advertising allow you to get in touch with potential clients faster and cheaper. Here’s a list of some professional activities that our agency Le Formiche is able to develop for you:

Website creation

A good way to convince your clients to buy your products and services is to show them a well-working, effective, nice website. You know, it is not only a matter of web design. Indeed the topic is to create a showcase to enhance all your strong points, your successes, your testimonials. And all this must be based on your target and on the emotion you want to arouse.
Le Formiche web developers can to build for you a bespoke website that you will love and use with satisfaction in your daily online work.

Website optimization

Do you already have a website? Is it rich and consistent of contents? Does it have outstanding graphic design? Very well, much has been done. Now we have to bring more hits, more visitors to the website and use web marketing triggers to convert leads into sales. 
First of all we have to make it vey easy to find your website on search engines. 
The to do lists and tips you find on the internet are not enough to accomplish this task. 

Here what you need is the professional help of Le Formiche to optimize the code and web contents that work. Your visitors won’t forget you if you give them all mod cons.
This service is called SEO (search engine optimization) and it allows to increase the value of your website, web showcase or web portal. Above all we can improve your lead conversion rate and help you to turn visitors into buyers.

Social media marketing

That’s not all! The marketers Le Formiche can help you to find your brand’s tone of voice on social networks. You will use it to nurture your audience and feed a long-lasting and reliable relationship. With Le Formiche you will learn to leverage your on line communication and use effective triggers to become popular and respected among your followers.

Email marketing

It is not so easy to write effective and persuasive promotional emails: hard to avoid, sorry for saying that, the bin if you don’t know the rules and if you don’t use well-working tools.
Get in touch with Le Formiche before you plan your next email marketing campaign
Learn more about email marketing and send your contacts rich emails and consistent newsletters.
Let’s turn your email marketing database into real clients.