Original body copy for: catalogue, website, advertising campaign, corporate profile, news, events, newsletter, contact form, social network.

Writing is everywhere in your business. You daily use written words to communicate with your prospects and clients. Writing is not a soft skill. Writing highly impacts your business. And you should always remember that a stolen content is bad for your reputation and can even cause litigation.

Moreover writing for the web requires specific training because the reader seldom peruses the text from the first line to the very last one. You know, what happens indeed? The reader focuses only on few words to figure out in broad terms your speech.
Given that, it is highly not recommended to paste on the website texts formerly written for the paper such as, for example, brochure, news release or promotional body copy.
Your digital readers deserve more, don’t they? They deserve original, checked out, consistent writing: you have few seconds to catch their attention and make the sale.

We are Le Formiche and we offer professional web writing in Italian. You should consider to hire our native speaker writers above all if you sell your products and services in Italy, our country. We can develop for you custom-made body copy and powerful retention tools for both old and new customers.
Get in touch with us to have a look to our case histories. We already have helped a lot of clients to improve sales with captivating and inspirational texts. Contact us, it’s free!

Professional web writers can help you to boost your idea or business.
How much does this service cost? The fee is smart and light.

What does a web writer do? A web writer is a professional writer with specific training.
The task is to write effective contents on a given product, service, market, company, trend.
The web writer accomplish this task from the point of view of the readers considering their expectations and needs. This is the key to give original content, valuable content and telling engaging story to your audience. Content is king, do you remember?

Professional web writers follow a special check list. First of all they need to collect information, sources and all the documentation they need to develop good content.
Before they start writing they will make a lot of questions and probably interviewing you and your staff. Then the web writer writes, rewrites and rewrites the same draft a lot of times. In fact professional writing is all about balance: plain language vs technical jargon, readability vs touch of originality, rhythm vs slowness of words. As final result, the content resonates with the target.

There is more. High quality contents must be optimized for the web with SEO techniques to land the website more search engine traffic. You may have written a sale masterpiece but if the search engines don’t find it, you will lost a lot of leads and customers.
We don’t want it to happen. For this reason Le Formiche offers a SEO copywriting service to optimize your contents or write new ones if you need. Your readers will say: Thank you!

Professional writers: Why? Because there are compelling words to describe your business that your competitors don’t know yet. Find them with us and use them to communicate with your audience. Say to the world you are one of a kind.

Do you have a smart business, competitive products and services? If yes, you have simply to tell it. Use memorable words, use a professional slogan.

A slogan is a word or a sentence that finds way into the customer’s heart: simple to remember, engaging, original. This is a powerful and memorable communication tool.

Professional copywriters at Le Formiche are multi-year experienced in advertising, promotional writing and feature writing. They can’t wait to compose for you custom-made contents!

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