Website positioning


SEO (search engine optimization)
Strategies to improve your ranking on search engines.

Website optimization: why SEO is more important than ever.

You have a smart website, but few visitors and sales rise less than expected. 
Ask yourself why!

You see, millions of people daily search on the internet a solution or an answer to their needs.
You should get higher search engine visibility to increase dramatically the visits of potential clients. 
And you should do it faster than your competitors. Every website is unique, it has specific contents, targets and goals. Furthermore goals should be attainable, timely and measurable. Our web agency Le Formiche is ready to build your web awareness: an effective website positioning is possible. Contact us for a free and full SEO checkup on your site.


Improving your website positioning: here’s the full strategy

An effective website positioning is a professional task. It requires technical skills and recurring professional refreshers. Enduring results come for sure, but you need a reasonable medium-term or long-term investment and a good team of SEO experts. In every SEO projects of ours, improvements are evident after four weeks. It works!

Our web agency Le Formiche is by your side to draw up a custom-made plan and SEO strategy to improve your website positioning. Our team regularly accounts for the activities and gives detailed reports every month. You are not alone with abstruse numbers because we will read and comment together all the results and achievements. Moreover the staff will boost your online presence with weekly SEO tips to put into practice and will feed your awareness with valuable contents written by professional copywriters.


Let the internet work for you. Let’s optimize your website!

Website positioning and optimization is a bundle of specific and targeted activities with a unique goal: increase visibility on search engines, increase positioning on Google!

Here’s a list of the main SEO activities required to impact on the ranking of your website and achieve effective results after few weeks:

  • url optimization: we rewrite the address of your web pages because they should be easy to remember and consistent with the content;
  • creation of new web pages: we find out for you the most profitable keywords and combination of keywords and we use SEO copywriting techniques to create new pages to improve the value and visibility of your website;
  • optimization of the code: we work on the code to increase the availability of your contents;
  • increase of the website speed: we work on images and graphic design to speed up your website load times. This activity is very helpful to improve the performance and the ranking of your web portal;
  • integration of social networks: we add on all the pages of your website links to your social networks like for example Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Houzz;
  • link building: we create strong links among your site and other checked and trusted web portals in order to drive traffic to your website and improve your ranking on the search engines;
  • results-based monitoring: we daily monitor results to fix promptly possible bugs and to protect your website from negative SEO and link spam. We weekly adjust our SEO activities to take advantage of the lastest Google algorithm updates faster than your competitors.


If you want to learn more and have a look to some case histories of ours, feel free to contact us.
Our clients had improved their results on the internet! Get in touch, it’s free! Start improving as soon as possible the positioning of your website.