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We build cross-device websites and web portals compatible with smartphones, tablet, PC & Mac. It means that the site is responsive, it automatically changes to fit to the screen the user is displaying it on. We base the information architecture on usability, user experience and handiness.

Here you are. Finally you decide to create your website and you want to set the world on fire. You know, anybody can build a website. But not everyone is able to build your website.

Yes, that’s it. You have specific needs and unique products and services. Your on line project requires careful planning and understanding of the goals. That’s the only way to build your effective web portal. That’s the key to impress your visitors and communicate plainly the exceptional quality of your work.
If you put your website into the hands of standardized web services or naive coders, you could be damaged twice. First loss: you pay extra money to fix bugs and blunders. Second loss: less leads, a lot of lost clients. It’s surprisingly easy to damage a good business.

But we can help it. We are Le Formiche, we are an Italian web agency with a multi-year experience. We can create your ideal web portal and website: efficient, engaging and on target.

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What are the must-have of your new website?

Great website usability

Your potential customer is looking for plain information and he hates wasting time.
Our team Le Formiche is going to build for you handy structure of pages and user-based approach to contents so that the visitor pleasantly and quickly finds out what he wants.

Watch out for load speed: website fast load!

You know, an increasing number of people daily browse the internet using mobile devices, that is to say tablets and smartphones. It’s easy to see that load speed of websites is a key factor to improve the positioning on the major search engines. Flashy and ostentatious web design doesn’t help to boost the performances of your site. As a result, you will have less visitors, less leads, less sales. Web designers Le Formiche are going to design beautiful, light and perfectly well-functioning websites where your clients will love to stay to shop and learn more about you .

Static vs dynamic website? The choice is yours!

Web designers and coders Le Formiche are enough skilled to create custom-made solutions. 

They are excited both to build showcase websites made of few pages and wide web portals that require recurring updates and fresh contents to improve the positioning on search engines. Every client of ours expresses specific needs and we are happy to meet them: there is the company which prefer to empower us to run all the updates and the business man who personally stands over them. Following your requests of custom-tailoring and autonomy, we are going to build a friendly back office to manage contents, images, videos, texts, different languages. With a dynamic website you will be free to update your contents at your convenience, while with a static website you can save a lot of precious time and have a professional management of CMS by Le Formiche.  Let’s go through with your choice.

That’s not all!
You can take advantage of many other services to add value to your website

Your ideal website is real and is made by Le Formiche!
Please remember: you should consider that a nice showcase for the business is only the first step to develop your commercial potential.

Our experts support you to choice and mix both promotional and web marketing activities. A constant practice is tremendously helpful to expand the benefits of your on line presence.

There are some services provided by Le Formiche useful to push your sales. If you want to learn more, have a look to this list:

  • copywriting: we write original and persuasive contents specific for websites. As a result you will boost brand perception;
  • SEO (search engine optimization): if you already have a website, let us have a look into it. Our developers are able to work on code, web contents and visual contents to get your website found on search engines;
  • email marketing: very good marketers can help you to launch winning email promotions;
  • social media marketing: a professional team helps you to plan convenient online advertising and to nurture your public on Facebook and Google.


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